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Specializing in audio plugin development, I offer expert consultancy services.

Hi, my name is Bence Kovács. I am a software developer with a specialty in audio and game development. My portfolio includes a wide range of projects, from audio plugins to games and VR experiences.

Drawing on this diverse background, I guide each project to its completion, ensuring high-quality results every step of the way.

What I Offer:

  • Expertise in various audio plugin formats.
  • Customized solutions, perfectly tailored to your specific needs.
  • Prioritizing user-centric design for intuitive and engaging audio tool interfaces.

I support both startups and established companies, aiming to make a meaningful contribution to the audio industry.

Beyond my current consultancy services, I am passionate about shaping the future of digital music creation. My vision for the future involves transforming this space into a more social and playful experience.

I am currently exploring the development of innovative tools for immersive platforms like VR, integrating game technologies, generative synthesis methods, and machine learning.


Audio Plugin Development Services

Explore my range of specialized services, each aimed at bringing your audio plugin vision to reality.

Custom Plugin Development

Implementing VST, AU, and AAX plugins tailored to your unique requirements.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Ensuring your plugins function seamlessly across various operating systems and DAWs.

Commercial Launch Preparation

Offering full support for your launch, including notarization, copyright protection, and installer creation.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Offering ongoing post-launch support to maintain optimal plugin performance, with regular updates for new platform compatibility and codebase adaptation to evolving tech requirements.

UI Auto-Layout

Telemetry Reporting

CI/CD Setup

Dev Coaching

Web Service Integration

Performance Tuning

Automated Testing & Validation

Workflow Optimization


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Feel free to browse through a curated selection of my works below.

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Trivium Ampknob Bundle

Bogren Digital

Ampknob - MLC S_Zero 100

Bogren Digital


Bogren Digital




Ampersand Associates




The Files of Liam Redsquire


Building Success Together

Read the reflections from those I've collaborated with.

Michael Samuels

Big Bang Games

"Bence is an incredible engineer who combines deep expertise in audio development with an intuitive understanding of his clients' needs. He took the time to understand my game's requirements and built a robust, modular, and adaptable audio engine that could evolve iteratively along with the rest of the project."

Jacek Sniecikowski

Bogren Digital

"Bence is dependable, process-oriented, and his code is well organized. His background in audio and games give him a unique perspective, and he is always looking for ways to automate and streamline processes. These qualities are not easy to find, making him a fantastic developer."

Jens Brosbøl-Ravnborg

XMT Audio

"Bence was a valuable member of my team at Music Tribe, where he significantly enhanced our audio plugin development with his expertise in programming, automation, and workflow optimization. His talent for code refactoring and modularization greatly improved our project's architecture, and his team-oriented, humble nature contributed immensely to our collaborative success and positive work environment."


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